Residential property

First time buyers continue to face difficulties in obtaining mortgages, notwithstanding recent government initiatives to ease the burden of deposit requirements.  Other buyers continue to find mortgages difficult to locate at best rates unless they have perfect credit status.

The difficulties created by Brexit have disturbed the property market.  Current expectations are that values will fall and mortgages will be more difficult to obtain.  The affect of the “leave decision” will become clearer as negotiations with the EU on the terms of leaving become known.

Are you facing any of these issues?

  • Planning application failed
  • Chargeholder expected to appoint LPA Receiver
  • Chargeholder unwilling to renew facilities
  • Chargeholder requires capital repayment
  • Development finance not available
  • Unable to complete part finished project

Bridport Capital Limited are able to take a medium term view on secondary property. Whilst we are not prepared to make an offer on all properties submitted, we will respond to your proposal rapidly. In distressed situations, we are ready to negotiate with your chargeholder or their representative to hold over while due diligence is being undertaken.

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Please ensure that your residential property complies with our investment criteria and then send us details of your property using the document below.

Residential property investment criteria

Please ensure that your residential property complies with our investment criteria:

  • Freehold or leasehold property within 75 miles radius of Stansted Airport
  • Vacant
  • No environmental issues
  • Unlisted
  • Requires completion or improvement
  • Minimum value £150,000
  • Maximum value £1,000,000






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