About Us

Bridport Capital Limited are a proactive UK company seeking distressed property and commercial positions within a 75 mile radius of their base near Stansted Airport.


Property investment

We have an active interest in property within our chosen commercial criteria and residential criteria. We will generally be able to provide an in principle response within 2 days and, where possible, a decision within 2 weeks. For emergency situations it may be possible to reduce these timescales.


Private equity

Our private equity service is available to companies with potential viability who are currently losing direction due to financial and business problems. Following an appraisal of your company, we will be able to assist in negotiations with your creditors, bankers, employees and other stakeholders to help return your company to profitability. Subsequently, we provide support to the board to achieve the company objectives. In return, Bridport Capital Limited will acquire a minority shareholding in your company which may be repurchased at a later date.


Securities purchased

We purchase non-performing mortgages at a discount to the capital sum and seek to implement an exit strategy, where possible allowing the property owner to remain in residence.


Joint ventures

We are interested in joint ventures with landowners, property owners and banks who, due to market conditions, are unable or unwilling to complete viable projects.



For companies in need of additional depth to their board, we are able to accept a limited number of non executive director appointments.